No setup fees.
No surcharges.
No hidden charges.
No surprises.

At The Payroll Specialists, we believe in simplicity. We offer several pricing structures to fit your company based on the number of active employees paid. You'll know exactly what to expect with our simplified billing structure, which includes no hidden fees or difficult invoices. It's another way to gain predictability and consistency with your payroll billing.

We back our secure and convenient service with guaranteed low prices. For some companies that do not have regular Payroll Processing, we will not charge them. This is another advantage of The Payroll Specialists. Most Payroll companies will charge you even though you do not process the payroll regularly. Our payroll billing does not lead to 'nickel and diming' and complicated invoicing. We are affordable and add value, even for the smallest of small business.

Benefits of outsourcing payroll. Two payroll worlds in one solution.

You get the benefits of outsourcing payroll and the flexibility and control of an in-house process when you co-source with The Payroll Specialists. Co-sourcing is a new way of thinking of payroll software for small business to large business.

See how The Payroll Specialists compares to handling payroll with in-house software or any other payroll outsourcing provider, and you’ll see the value from the expertise of our developers who have been producing software solutions for payroll and HR professionals for over 20 years

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Convenience of Outsourcing
  • Avoid the headaches associated with electronic filings, penalties and fees
  • Expert advice and resources of a payroll professional at no extra cost
  • Data secured in a world-class data center
  • Live HR and payroll expertise
  • No software and related hardware to upgrade, back up, and maintain
  • Avoid the headaches associated with tax deposits, tax reporting, and file transmissions
Control of In-Sourcing
  • All data is accessible 24/7 so you won't sacrifice any control
  • View, create, and print as many reports as you want at no extra charge
  • Create your own reports from your live data
  • Data secured in a world-class data center
  • Process payroll on your schedule

What They Are Saying

I started working with The Payroll Specialists in 1999. I stayed with them until I closed my company in 2017.  Chuck and his staff have always been very accessible, informative and professional. I would highly recommend The Payroll Specialists.

Kenna Dean Owner for ActNOW!

The Payroll Specialist’s make payroll easy.  They are attentive to our needs and never miss a deadline.  I’ve been doing payroll for over 30 years in-house and with other known payroll companies but The Payroll Specialists are by far the best value on the market.

Donna Fenwick Controller for Diesel Propagation Inc

I find your services excellent and in all my years in business I complement you on your rates. I have been in accounting for 25 years and have not found anyone who beats your rates!

Christine Dukatz Owner Freedom Yurt Structures LLC

The Payroll Specialists are professional, reliable and dependable. I rest easy knowing that our payroll processing is in their very capable hands.

Stacey Calvert Bookkeeper for Blue Ice Air Conditioning and Heating

I am writing this note to thank you for all your great services. Ever since David and I have started our payroll with The Payroll Specialists, our bookkeeping and accounting became easier. Thank you for your promptness in answering all of our calls, texts, emails or any questions we have, and your patience in discussing all issues and concerns with us. Doing business, making a connection is extremely important to me.

Your professionalism and caring about our business is greatly appreciated by us. We are happy to be working with you and your organization.

Fay Coad CFO, Bay Area Medical Devices

You folks at Payroll Specialists have been phenomenal throughout my entire experience with you. From the initial sales call having services and pricing explained, to the implementation and day to day servicing of my payroll needs, you have been there each step of the way. You answered my many questions clearly and very quickly too, always within 24 hours. When I received unintelligible letters from the state government, you called on my behalf and then explained to me that the issue lay with the state, not with me. When I faced my first personnel termination, I knew that I could turn to you right away to handle issues such as tax withholding from severance pay and unused vacation time. Because I used to handle all the payroll when my company only had one other employee besides myself, I know how much you folks at Payroll Specialists have taken off my shoulders.

Your service definitely exceeded my expectations. I would recommend The Payroll Specialists to any company looking for help with payroll needs. I can attest that the services that you provide are amazingly affordable.

Florence Sheehan President, Sheehan Medical LLC.

The Payroll Specialists and their staff have been an amazing addition to my Law Firm practice. The guidance and support they offer has made communications with them easy and comfortable. Not only is their payroll service amazing, but they ensure that I am in compliance with the necessary government entities with regards to payroll filings and deductions. No matter the size of my company, large or small - The Payroll Specialists will remain part of our team. Thank you!

Tamar N. Hamilton, Esquire Attorney at Law
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