About Us
A History of Supporting Small Business
Since 1962, The Payroll Specialists has been providing Payroll and Human Resource services to Small and Large multi-state companies and everything in between.

We are committed to providing superior customer service without charging you for "extras" that our competitors do. The personal assistance you will receive comes from years of training in service, technical, and financial areas of payroll and taxes.

We delivery high quality professional services on a timely basis which has built our solid reputation as a trusted advisor. Our multilingual professionals in English and Spanish have broad experience in large and small businesses to help you manage your payroll and tax issues and be in complete compliance with the laws of the State and Federal agencies all along the way.

At The Payroll Specialists, we strongly believe that each client relationship is the value of our business. Any company can calculate a payroll check accurately most of the time, we do it right every time!

We are the payroll service trusted by thousands of businesses across the United States. We handle services for very small businesses to large multi-state companies. We are the experts!

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A Brief Timeline
Launched New Branding and Web Presence
Move to current Los Angeles office 5777 W Century Blvd
Over 3,000 Clients served
Mainframe Computers are donated to Computer History Museum in Mountain View, CA
President earns UCLA Entrepreneur Degree (MDE) Management Development for Entrepreneurs
First website on the internet, the early days
We offer Millennium Windows software
Acquisition of Professional Payroll Inc. a payroll company
We offer Windows payroll software
Our first PC-Based payroll software Rapid Pay started
Company added DBA The Payroll Specialists
President joins the company after working for ADP for several years in sales
President graduates from Cal Poly Pomona in Computer Information Systems (CIS) and Finance, works on the Pacific Coast Stock Exchange on the Options trading floor until 1989. Picured here with his father and founder, Les A. Warner
First IBM XT computer in the office
Company renamed Warner Information Systems
Company Started as Apex Data Processing, Inc. using IBM and Hewlett-Package mainframe computers

Why Us?

  • We have served 1,000’s of organizations including may household names.
  • We are one of the largest providers of payroll processing and cloud-based solutions — including payroll, human resource, benefits administration and time and attendance.
  • 55 years of service, expertise and professionalism and growing...

Our goal is to provide the industry's best payroll and human resource management software and customer service to our clients. By automating as many processes as possible through a cloud-based system, we strive to simplify the way your business operates the back office.

What They Are Saying

I started working with The Payroll Specialists in 1999. I stayed with them until I closed my company in 2017.  Chuck and his staff have always been very accessible, informative and professional. I would highly recommend The Payroll Specialists.

Kenna Dean Owner for ActNOW!

The Payroll Specialist’s make payroll easy.  They are attentive to our needs and never miss a deadline.  I’ve been doing payroll for over 30 years in-house and with other known payroll companies but The Payroll Specialists are by far the best value on the market.

Donna Fenwick Controller for Diesel Propagation Inc

I find your services excellent and in all my years in business I complement you on your rates. I have been in accounting for 25 years and have not found anyone who beats your rates!

Christine Dukatz Owner Freedom Yurt Structures LLC

The Payroll Specialists are professional, reliable and dependable. I rest easy knowing that our payroll processing is in their very capable hands.

Stacey Calvert Bookkeeper for Blue Ice Air Conditioning and Heating

I am writing this note to thank you for all your great services. Ever since David and I have started our payroll with The Payroll Specialists, our bookkeeping and accounting became easier. Thank you for your promptness in answering all of our calls, texts, emails or any questions we have, and your patience in discussing all issues and concerns with us. Doing business, making a connection is extremely important to me.

Your professionalism and caring about our business is greatly appreciated by us. We are happy to be working with you and your organization.

Fay Coad CFO, Bay Area Medical Devices

You folks at Payroll Specialists have been phenomenal throughout my entire experience with you. From the initial sales call having services and pricing explained, to the implementation and day to day servicing of my payroll needs, you have been there each step of the way. You answered my many questions clearly and very quickly too, always within 24 hours. When I received unintelligible letters from the state government, you called on my behalf and then explained to me that the issue lay with the state, not with me. When I faced my first personnel termination, I knew that I could turn to you right away to handle issues such as tax withholding from severance pay and unused vacation time. Because I used to handle all the payroll when my company only had one other employee besides myself, I know how much you folks at Payroll Specialists have taken off my shoulders.

Your service definitely exceeded my expectations. I would recommend The Payroll Specialists to any company looking for help with payroll needs. I can attest that the services that you provide are amazingly affordable.

Florence Sheehan President, Sheehan Medical LLC.

The Payroll Specialists and their staff have been an amazing addition to my Law Firm practice. The guidance and support they offer has made communications with them easy and comfortable. Not only is their payroll service amazing, but they ensure that I am in compliance with the necessary government entities with regards to payroll filings and deductions. No matter the size of my company, large or small - The Payroll Specialists will remain part of our team. Thank you!

Tamar N. Hamilton, Esquire Attorney at Law

The Payroll Specialists have been a godsend!

We have been able to reduce our workload and worry about payroll and put our efforts on driving our own efforts to drive our business. We would certainly recommend using The Payroll Specialists based on the following facts:they simplify the payroll process for busy entrepreneurs. They have earned my business for as long as I have a need for employees.

Jason Washington Founder, Bin Pull

The Payroll Specialists have been an asset in regards to keeping up with state tax regulations to ensure that my company is compliant at all times which saves me time and protects me from pricey fines that come with making tax errors and missing deadlines.

We have been able to reduce our workload and worry about payroll and put our efforts on driving our own efforts to drive our business. We would certainly recommend using The Payroll Specialists based on the following facts: Their prompt and timely responses to any and all inquiries and questions and the timeliness and accuracy of all payroll services they’ve provided.

Sandra Bennett Chief Financial Officer, Butterfly In Flight Inc

The Payroll Specialists and their team have been extremely helpful to our organization.

We have been able to reduce our workload with their support in processing our payroll. The Payroll Specialists has been a tremendous aid for our organization and allowing us to concentrate more on our daily efforts to drive our business and its growth. We would certainly recommend using The Payroll Specialists based on the following facts:

• Their expertise and experience

• Knowledgeable in the field

• Trustworthy

• Dependable

And above all pleasant to work with

Fay Coad Owner, DEC Consultants Inc

The Payroll Specialists have been invaluable asset to our business.

We have been able to reduce our workload and worry about payroll and put our efforts on driving our own efforts to drive our business. We would certainly recommend using The Payroll Specialists based on their reliability, quick response time, and friendly customer service.

Deborah D Campbell Owner, First Impressions Schools Inc

The Payroll Specialists have been fabulously awesome.

We have been able to reduce our workload and worry about payroll and put our efforts on driving our own efforts to drive our business. We would certainly recommend using The Payroll Specialists based on the following facts: Great work.

Ali-Jumah Toure Owner, Golden Hearts Homecare LLC

The Payroll Specialists have been instrumental in streamlining our payroll processes. We have been able to reduce our workload and worry about payroll, allowing us to focus our efforts on driving our business forward. We would certainly recommend using The Payroll Specialists based on the following facts:

Efficiency and Accuracy: The Payroll Specialists have consistently demonstrated exceptional efficiency and accuracy in processing our payroll. Their attention to detail ensures that our employees are paid accurately and on time, relieving us of any payroll-related stress.

Compliance and Regulations: The team at The Payroll Specialists is well-versed in the latest compliance requirements and regulations. They ensure that our payroll is in full compliance with all applicable laws and regulations, providing us with peace of mind and mitigating any potential legal risks.

Customized Solutions: The Payroll Specialists tailor their services to suit our specific business needs. They understand our unique payroll requirements and adapt their processes to accommodate our changing workforce and business dynamics.

Responsive Customer Support: The Payroll Specialists offer excellent customer support, always being available to address our inquiries and concerns promptly. Their responsiveness and willingness to assist have made our collaboration smooth and enjoyable.

Josh Rezaei CEO, Hosted Connection Inc

The Payroll Specialists have been an invaluable resource for our business. We consider them to be helpful partners who have enabled us to reduce our workload.

More importantly, we are able to be confident that our payroll, including all forms and filings, is being handled accurately, proficiently, and in a timely manner.

Additionally, Jonathan and all the staff at the Payroll Specialists will truly go the extra step for their customers. They are knowledgeable, courteous and professional. They respond quickly, including after hours and even on weekends.

We have been customers of the Payroll Specialists for several years, and would not hesitate to recommend their services.

Sue Simon President, Impress Print & Packaging Inc

The Payroll Specialists have been wonderful to both of my companies.

We have been able to reduce our worries and workload as The Payroll Specialists is the most efficient payroll company we have had since we started our business in 2010. Since working with The Payroll Specialists we have more time to drive our business to the next level.

We would certainly recommend using The Payroll Specialists based on the following facts:

• Timely Payroll

• Accurate tax payments

• Easy process

• Open & Thorough communication

• Easy to understand reports

Melissa Judd Executive Director at Reaching Excellence in Achievers & Leaders, Inc

The Payroll Specialists have been outstanding.

They are the epitome of consistency. They take care of my payroll every week and are always helpful whenever I have questions about their service. I will use them for all my payroll needs for life! I couldn’t ask for a better service!

David Klinko III President, Omnia Industries LLC

The Payroll Specialists have been a time saver for me. Their reports come in one file easy to read with all the information you need. I’m able to download my report file and book my payroll in 20 min. It’s a very simple process. No bells and whistles, just what you need to get the job done effectively and efficiently. I recommend The Payroll Specialists to anyone who’s interested in saving time so it can be spent on other things needing your attention.

Donna Controller for Organic Liberty

The Payroll Specialists have been attentive and very helpful.

We have been able to reduce our workload and worry about payroll and put our efforts on driving our own efforts to drive our business. We would certainly recommend using The Payroll Specialists based on the following facts: reliable, great customer service, and helpful.

Cory Diaz Owner, Quetzal Cleaning Services LLC

The Payroll specialists have been great. Everything is done in a timely manner and if I have a question or concern it is usually dealt with within a day. I would strongly recommend this service to anyone.

Darryl Bartels Agent/Owner, State Farm

Executive Leadership

  • Chuck Warner, CPP President

    Chuck Warner is the President of The Payroll Specialists. He assumed the role of President on Nov 20, 1994.

    As President, Chuck is focused on helping companies efficiently and cost effectively handle the back-end payroll, tax, and human resource operations of their business. The Payroll Specialists has written and licensed top tier software to build a highly secure, intelligent platform to handle their needs and employs experts to connect everything and everyone for our payroll clients.

    Over his 23 years at The Payroll Specialists, he has served as Sales, Operations, and Tax Manager driving the company through mergers and acquisitions, software changes and executed many of the company's investment areas and strategy shifts.

    Prior to joining The Payroll Specialists, Chuck held management positions at Pershing LLC, Options Trading, on the Pacific Coast Stock Exchange trading floor.

    He is a member of the APA (American Payroll Association) and IPPA (Independent Payroll Provider Association). He attends several payroll-related seminars and conferences each year. He believes that continuing education is the key to success.

    Chuck holds a bachelor's degree in Computer Information Systems with a concentration in Finance from Cal Poly Pomona. He also has the Entrepreneur Certificate from UCLA and he is an active licensed Insurance agent.

  • Jonathan Aboytes, CPP Partner/Sr. Director, Client Payroll Operations

    Jon joined our team at the ripe age of 18 without any idea how much he would come to love the profession. Over the next several years Jon quickly picked up increasing responsibilities and obtained his Fundamentals of Payroll Certification (FPC) and Certified Payroll Professional (CPP) through the American Payroll Association (APA). In 2013, Jon became one of our youngest managers at the company where he was in charge of payroll operations. He left our company for a few years to head the payroll operations at a Fortune 500 pharmaceutical company where he helped merge two of the largest pharmaceutical companies of the time. Jon came back to our firm where he was made partner and Senior Director of Client Payroll Operations in charge of implementation, technology, compliance, tax, and distribution.

    Jon graduated from California State University, Fullerton’s Mihaylo College of Business and Economics majoring in Business Administration with a concentration in Management and is currently pursing his MBA degree with a concentration in Organizational Leadership. He is on the board of contributing writers for the American Payroll Association (APA), a writer for the Independent Payroll Providers Association (IPPA), and a writer for Bloomberg Tax where he is on the forefront of legislation changes and best practices.

    When not working on a payroll project or ensuring tax regulations are in place properly, Jon is enjoying family time with his wife and 4 kids, all of which are two years apart. You can catch them at Disneyland or hitting the swings at the local park.

    "Payroll to me has given me everything; it’s one of those types of jobs that morphs into a career without any thought. Payroll has kept me engaged and motivated to bring a service that companies actually value. It’s a type of career that you can actually have a positive impact on someone’s life by getting them paid, on time, and accurately. Be of service always, service is everything"

  • Jessica Aboytes, FPC Sr. Manager, Client Payroll Disbursements

    Jessica joined our team over 10 years ago as a Customer Service Representative in charge of managing client payroll accounts. She quickly absorbed the payroll and customer service knowledge that landed her the role of Account manager and Client Payroll Trainer of our software. She successfully obtained her Fundamentals of Payroll Certification (FPC) through the American Payroll Association (APA) which helps her keep an eye on payroll law changes on the horizon. In 2016, Jessica was promoted to Senior Manager of Client Payroll Disbursements in charge of payroll processing & delivery management and has helped guide our level of customer service in the right direction.

    Jessica holds two degrees from Coastline College in Behavioral/Social Sciences and Humanities. She is a current student of California State University, Chico pursing a degree in Liberal Arts.

    When Jessica is not ensuring a payroll gets sent out on time or processed accurately, she is spending time with her family on some sort of adventure. She is also an avid volunteer at her children’s elementary school, teaching various subjects ranging from earth science to language arts.

    "I couldn’t see myself doing anything else; handling client’s payroll has really kept me interested in a field that many pass up. As you learn payroll and its many different layers, it really creates opportunities that we can harness to offer our clients value, in the end we are here for one reason, the clients.”