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Here are some answers to common questions.

  • question_answerHow do I change my company bank account?
    For new company account changes, we will need a new Banking information update change form and a copy for a check from the company.
  • question_answerI submitted payroll yesterday, can I make changes still?
    Making changes to payrolls after they have been processed a day after can be tricky, give us a call immediately if you have changes to your payroll. Depending on how close we are to the pay date we can take different routes to correct the payroll before it makes it to an employee’s bank account.
  • question_answerHow can I submit my payroll?
    We make this part really flexible, whether you want to call us each time, email, fax or text. You decide what is easier for you.
  • question_answerHow do I change/update direct deposits for an employee?
    To make an employee update or change for direct deposit, all we need is a direct deposit form filled out by the employee and a copy of a check from their new bank.
  • question_answerWhen is my payroll due?
    Payroll is due two business days before your check date by 4:00pm PST, please account for any holidays, you might need to process a day or two earlier.
  • question_answerI processed payroll today, when will debits hit my account?
    Debits are always defaulted too one business day before the check date, please account for any holidays.
  • question_answerI hired an employee in a new state, now what?
    Congratulations on the company expansion! Just like any new hire, we will need the new hire packet. Since this is a new state, you will need to apply for an employer state id number. Depending on the state it might include a withholding and/or unemployment application. Send us an email or call us with the good news, we will help you acquire the necessary tax accounts numbers to make this process easy.
  • question_answerI paid an employee the wrong amount, what do I do?
    We take these issues to the highest priority, if you found someone was paid an incorrect amount , please call or email us immediately. There are several solutions to this issues that rely on the sensitivity of time.
  • question_answerHow do I terminate an employee?
    Each state is a bit different, but we can get an employee paid rather quickly. If you need a manual check, give us a call or send us an email with the pay information and we can calculate a manual check on the spot to immediately pay the employee.
  • question_answerI hired an employee, now what?
    We make hiring employees a breeze, simply fill out the “new hire packet” which can be found in our resources page and email or fax the information to us.
  • question_answerHow do I change an employee’s rate?
    An employee’s rate can easily be changed by simply emailing your payroll representative directly, faxing/emailing over an Employee Data Sheet, or by simply calling us and making the change over the phone.
  • question_answerCan I use my deposit slip to add direct deposit?
    To add direct deposit we recommend to use a copy of a check, in most cases a deposit slip uses a different routing number used for the bank's own internal system which will not work for direct deposit credits.
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