Human Resources

Our Human Resource service provides businesses with the support they need beyond payroll processing. We know that every company is different, that is why The Payroll Specialists will tailor our services to your needs so you only pay for the services you find essential to your organization.

Your company will virtually outsource their HR Department.  Our experienced and certified professionals will work with you to address and resolve all your questions.  It’s like having a Fortune 100 HR department at your fingertips!

Small businesses rarely have access to the resources a large HR department can offer, until now!

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Personalized advice and HR tools you can use today.

Our HR Center provides small business users with a key advantage: HR experts on-demand and an exclusive online resource center devoted entirely to HR issues.

  • Direct Access to HR Pros
    Through HR Center, small business owners have direct access to HR experts without incurring the expense of hiring expensive independent consultants. Confidential questions receive a personal response by phone or e-mail within one business day. All questions, issues and answers are confidential.
  • Document Customization
    Our HR experts will help customize your HR forms, job descriptions and HR-related letters to meet your needs
  • Employee Handbook Development
    Schedule a personal appointment with our HR experts to develop a custom employee handbook and a plan for implementation
  • 247 Availability
    HR problems are unpredictable, and businesses often need to respond quickly
  • Up-to-Date Resource Center
    HR laws and practices are changing constantly; in the past, a company had to repurchase materials or re-research answers every time there’s a change. Our HR Center content is always current.
  • Knowledge Base
    Learn from the questions and solutions provided to other business owners
  • HR News
    Get the latest HR news, laws and information
  • HR Glossary
    A helpful resource of common HR-related terminology
  • Newsletter
    Helpful information and HR-related articles in an easy-to-read format
  • HR Poster Center
    Displaying required HR posters prominently in your office just got easier
  • HR Forms Library
    Access to forms required by state and federal governments as well as general business forms, all searchable so you can find just the one you need
  • Job Descriptions
    Standardized job descriptions are important for any organization; use our common positions “as is” or customize to match your needs