Industry Solutions

The Payroll Specialists provides payroll services for businesses in a wide range of industries.

Officer-Only or S-Corp Payroll:

We clearly understand how to handle S-corp shareholder payroll (which is different from a regular employee’s payroll in important ways).   Officer Only and S corp payroll typically pay officers’ salaries on an annual or quarterly basis.  We allow you to tell us exactly what you or your CPA says the payroll should be, your salary, your taxes, your insurance, your payroll.  Your EOY fringe benefits are handled correctly.  We handle complex tax and reporting requirements for you, avoiding potentially hefty fines.

Construction / Builders:

Construction companies and builders use our construction payroll services, which include useful features such as certified payroll reporting, job cost payroll reporting and 1099 support.


Our contractor payroll services allow for efficient management of independent contractors (1099’s), as well as easy to use subcontractor payroll services.


We provide restaurant payroll services that reduce the amount of input time, paperwork, and energy restaurant managers spends on managing their payroll and payroll taxes.  We incorporate time-clock systems in our payroll software for you.

Healthcare / Medical:

Managing payroll for hospitals, medical specialists, health clinics, physicians’ offices, and other healthcare organizations is fast, accurate, and efficient with our healthcare payroll services.

Dental / Dentist Payroll:

Our dentist payroll services make managing your dental practice’s payroll simple.   Do you have more than one office?  We can handle and streamline the management of two offices to your needs.


Managing payroll need not be a complex chore for the self-employed. We are the specialists, helping you manage your self-employed income tax payments.

Inactive or Occasional Payroll:

It happens more often that you think.  The small business has one or two employees who come into the office on an irregular basis to work when the need is there. Or a business has to lay off an employee and wait for business to increase.  Why pay fee’s when not having a payroll.  We understand your situation and have the software to handle it.


Our payroll provides straightforward church payroll services, backed by our professional payroll staff.  Although they are non-profit organizations, churches that have paid staff need an adequate payrolling solution to ensure their church payroll is in compliance with payroll tax withholding laws. Well-managed church payroll services also allow churches to more efficiently manage their own finances.

  • If your church needs a reliable, experienced, and professional payrolling company to assist with managing and administering its payroll, contact us. We provide a full range of church payroll services that save you time and energy, from calculating withholdings to filing taxes, to printing paychecks.
  • Payroll may be a necessary chore for many organizations, both for and not for profit; however, the mission of a church is not business-related.  Churches are tax-exempt organizations; however, they are still responsible for correctly managing their finances, especially their payroll.   Payroll taxes are especially important, as the proper withholding and remittance of state and federal taxes have a number of implications for your church staff as well as your church.

Household Employee:

We simplify the process of paying your household employees and household employee payroll taxes, ensuring that you are paying your domestic help correctly according to regulations.   How payroll is calculated when your caregiver works overnight or a 24-hour shift.  Household employees are often required to stay overnight. For instance, many baby nurses and senior care providers work 24-hour shifts consecutively and many nannies stay overnight when parents travel. Federal wage and hour law states that household employees do not have to be paid for up to 8 hours of sleeping time when they work 24 consecutive hours or more.

Note: Employers in California are unable to take this sleep time exemption.

It is important to note that this law can be applied if the care provider can actually sleep for this extended period of time. If you need overnight care and your caregiver is able to sleep up to 8 hours, this law eases the financial burden. Here are a few scenarios that explain how this law is applied:

24-Hour Senior Care, 2 Days Per Week

An employee works two consecutive 24-hour shifts as part of a team providing full-time care. She is not paid for 16 hours of sleeping time during the 48 hours she is at work. She is paid for 32 hours of regular time during her 48-hour shift.

24-Hour Senior Care, 3 Days Per Week

An employee works three 24-hour shifts as part of a full-time care team. She is not paid for 24 hours of sleeping time during the 72 hours she is at work. She is paid for the 48 hours worked during the week. Since she must be paid overtime for more than 40 hours within a 7-day work week, the employer pays her 40 hours at regular time and 8 hours of overtime.


A growing area of concern, many households are using our nanny payroll service to ensure that their nanny is being paid correctly.  We ensure the proper nanny payroll taxes are remitted to the proper state and federal institutions.

An Example: A Nanny Provides Occasional 24-hour Care

A nanny works a regular schedule of 40 hours per week, Monday – Friday from 8 am – 5 pm. She stays overnight on Friday night on occasion. When this occurs, she does not have to be paid for 8 hours of sleeping time on Friday night, as she will have been on the job for 24 consecutive hours — from 8 am Friday morning until 8 am Saturday morning. However, she must be paid overtime for all hours worked over 40 in the 7-day work week, excluding sleeping time. She worked 40 hours in the week as of 5 pm on Friday, and thus must be paid 7 hours of overtime (5 pm Friday – 8 am Saturday, minus 8 hours of sleeping time).

Nursing Home Payroll:

Providing payrolling to all nursing home employees. An outsourced solution that is able to assist by taking the responsibility off of the accounting or HR department in the care facility.


Our payroll supports payroll management for those in the media industry, including television, radio, and radio. Our media industry payroll service is a cost effective alternative to hiring an HR department.


Many different kinds of organizations maintain payrolls, and we can provide professional payroll services for any non-profit group in addition to for-profit companies.


Our Payroll provides payroll processing that allows franchise owners to manage payroll across multiple franchise locations; we offer tax payment services, documentation for each location, and more.