Technology and Security

Ready when you are

The Payroll Specialists delivers all the benefits of on-demand payroll software securely:

  • Convenient 
    • Accessible 24x7 from anywhere 
    • Requires only an Internet connection and a PC browser (no software to load) 
    • Use immediately upon setting up account
  • Secure 
    • High-bandwidth IP-network 
    • SSL encryption 
    • Zero-downtime Network
    • Data center protected by maximum access security 
    • Virus protection
  • Reliable 
    • Connected through a high-bandwidth IP-network 
    • Hardware maintained by IT professionals 
    • Regular backups 
    • Multiple power sources 
    • Fire prevention and detection 
    • Climate controlled
  • Scalable 
    • Data storage space grows as your employee base grows
  • Intuitive 
    • Designed as a web-based application (not “fitted” to the web like many payroll web solutions) 
    • Browser-based so users already familiar with navigation environment
  • Economical 
    • No extra transaction fees or per-event fees 
    • No additional hardware or software to buy

We are an on-demand software or SAAS (Software As A Service) company.   Online Managed Payroll Service Makes Outsourcing Payroll Easy.  Administer your company’s payroll 247 with online payroll services from The Payroll Specialists.  

When processing payroll, we understand that our clients sometimes need time to report the number of hours their staff worked that period, or that they occasionally need to update their payroll information. For these kinds of reasons, we offer online payroll services for your convenience. 

Our Online Payroll Services are Secure

From encryption of payroll reports to safeguarding your business’ financial and tax information with multiple layers of protection, you can be confident in the level of security we insist upon for our online payroll services.

Save Time with Web Based Payroll

We offer a number of ways to send us your payroll data, one being our secure web based payroll portal. Many of our customers export a single file from their company time clock to our system, which allows us to process their payroll promptly. 

Manage Payroll from Anywhere

Our web based payroll access lets businesses access their accounts and manage their company payroll at any time, from anywhere there is an internet connection. This is especially helpful for businesses that frequently work from frequently changing locations and at varying times.

Online Access Puts You in Control

The Payroll Specialists online payroll services offer your business complete payroll processing and management, but also give you the ability to log into our web based payroll site and do everything from updating employee hourly pay data to viewing payroll reports. 

Unlike payroll programs that are based on software you install on your computer, our web based payroll can be securely accessed through your web browser. Online payroll services from us offers around-the-clock access and powerful features to keep you informed and in control of your company payroll processing.